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The Floating Crab

Banker & Tradesman reports the Barking Crab on Fort Point Channel is seeking state permission to add a 1,900-square-foot barge to increase its patio seating.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.



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I hope they can do it! Love that place!

Last time I was there was when I navigated down a steep ledge of driftwood and sea moss and rocks to get from the bridge to the bar stool. I'm sure it's more easily accessible now for pedestrians.

Is the city ever going to finally do something with the Northern Avenue Bridge, or is that alleged project just dead in the water?


A big ol' floater.

as long as the waste pipe is properly connected and not dumping raw sewerage into the harbor.

if they include legitimate public access in addition to their non-water-dependent use

I've got the barking crabs!