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Imagine if Dot Ave were always closed to traffic

Dorchester Avenue in Fields Corner open only to pedestrians today

Welcome to Dot trekked up to Dorchester Avenue in Fields Corner for the Open Streets celebration - more than a mile of the avenue was closed to motor vehicles for part of the day for an Open Streets celebration.


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Dot ave is a main connection to many neighborhoods and businesses.
It's okay for things like this to close it, but permanently? No way.


It would be nice if they did it several times over the summer, something like "The second Sunday of the month from June to September" might be about right. That way it happens on a slower traffic day when providing a detour for a few blocks isn't such a big deal (e.g. divert traffic to Adams St between the intersection with Dot Ave & the southern end of the closure).


And cars were able to pass through at several spaces -- this was a great pedestrian-focused event. Consistency would be great as it would enable businesses to invest in more walk-by sales -- there's not a lot of occasions when you have hundreds of people walking by an hour checking everything out.

It was great -- ran into a lot of people we hadn't seen all summer. Lots of stuff for kids of all ages -- it was great.