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More ceiling tiles removed at Harvard

The MBTA reports that over the weekend it inspected ceiling tiles between Central and Andrew this weekend to make sure none are about to fall on riders' heads. Meanwhile, the removed ceiling-tile count at Harvard, where a rustily connected, water-filled tile nearly did conk one rider, is now up around 100, the T says.

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Did they remove the ones from 1978 or the ones from 1983 ?


Although installed by the time it opened in 1983, they may have been purchased in 1978

I wonder if the T will ever address Lake Shawmut, at the base of the stairs on the outbound side of Shawmut Station .

There’s always been a puddle there , but now the puddle is a lake , and has expanded so much that they blocked off the wettest part with fencing, forcing everyone into a single file to get to the crumbling stairs.


♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls ♪

Especially at the Porter Square T Station. On the outbound platform there has been almost a steady stream of water that falls down onto the track.. right onto the third rail. I was amazed it wasn't sparking.

Its been like this for as long as I can remember...