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New Beacon Hill store spins stax of wax and the platters that matter

The Beacon Hill Times reports the opening of Music Research Library, which sells mainly vinyl records, on Joy Street this month. It moved up here from Providence.

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So many new record stores opening up lately !

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I'm so out of the loop on this.. Any one wanna reply and give me some names of new shops that opened up in recent years? (or links to a list)

VERY excited to know if there's more than one or two places these days. For a while.. (a while ago), we were almost in a desert. I just bought stuff online b/c stores here were so abysmal for a great while.

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Wanna Hear It in Watertown
Vinyl Index in Somerville
Good Taste in the North End
Village Vinyl & Hi-Fi in Brookline

Also pretty much every album from the last 4-5 decades that is discussed as groundbreaking, iconic, or a cult favorite is getting re-pressed these days, and odds are Newbury has an exclusive pressing. Even if they don’t, they often have stuff that is really hard to get either due to pressings being limited, the crazy backlog in pressing factories right now, and/or flippers.

I’m sure there are more new spots, but 99% of my stuff comes from Wanna Hear It or Newbury anyway because they specialize in what I’m into.

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If I had know you were going to reply, I could have just asked you on twitter.

Maybe we can go rekkid shopping together one day then?

(for others: we know each other offline)

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To this list I’ll add
Big Dig Records (Cambridge)
Stereo Jacks New location in ball Sq Somerville !

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Lots of good stuff. Really friendly guys.

They have digital too, for those of us who still remember and would rather avoid skips and static :-)

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One of Magoo’s hobbies is to spin discs. One might call Magoo an old skool occasional disc spinner. Magoo’s DJ handle is DJ M-Goo. Magoo.

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a Magoo endorsement would only drive customers away.

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I don't know about you, but there is a Peter Wolf circa 1974 vibe off Magoo that would probably make this place damn cool.

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Others are just childish.

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