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The Orange Line sitch grew dire after some leaves caught on fire

Waiting for the Orange Line at State

Robert Orthman was among the teeming Orange Line riders who had to make like Godot after some leaves along the tracks caught fire near Oak Grove at rush hour, because you know how those leaves get on a dry day.

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If elected State Rep, what will Robert Orthman do about the current state of the T?

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He said he will "treat it like a crisis."

Awfully reassuring!

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It’s not going to be fixed overnight but I will demand answers and public transparency about what is actually happening and why. The slow zones are an example where riders were experiencing them (including myself) but MBTA was mum for months on what was going on. Longer term, I want the Big Dig and other related debt lifted off the T so it can stabilize operational costs and start prioritizing basic maintenance and safety. I recognize that’s a harder sell within the Legislature but we have to treat the T like a public good and stabilize the system for transportation, economic, and climate-related reasons. I don’t promise to completely fix it or pretend it’s going to be easy but we have to start and have legislators prioritizing this, like I will if elected - Rob

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I can’t vote for you, but if I could, I would.

Your parents would have known Angelo Scaccia. For all the hatred he gets from the viewers of this website, he was deeply concerned about the developmentally disabled. That was his thing in the General Court. T riders need that kind of advocacy on Beacon Hill, something that is lacking right now.

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I can only remember 4 or 5 times my train had to be evacuated because of a fire.

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It's a part of living in a big city.

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Maybe the track inspection was skipped because there were too many leaves there. Group Community Service job.

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