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Packards Corner getting pawned

The Zoning Board of Appeal today unanimously approved a proposal by a Packards Corner jewelry store to add pawn services to its offering.

With no opposition from anybody in the neighborhood, the board agreed to let Michael Bayles begin serving people with a quick need for cash at his LBC Boutique, 1103-1105 Commonwealth Ave., just around the corner from Brighton Avenue. Bayles had previously operated pawn shops in Somerville and Cambridge.

The Allston Civic Association supported the proposal but asked that Bayles use "understated signage" that would better blend in with the other businesses in Packards Corner. The store is currently fronted by CASH 4 GOLD in large and bright gold letters.

Zoning for the site allows pawn shops with zoning-board approval.



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Nothing says Allston like understated signage.

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