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Comm. Ave. smoke shop seeks to add alcohol because so many people over the line in Brookline have a yen for sake

Update: Approved.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let City Smoke Shop, 957 Commonwealth Ave., add beer and wine to its offerings.

At a hearing this morning, owner Nilesh Patel's attorney, Andrew Upton, said customers have been asking Patel to add the adult beverages. He said people of Asian origin from Brookline in particular have been asking for sake, the Japanese fermented beverage. He said some 19% of Brookline now consists of "people who identify as Asian."

Upton said the smoke shop's location, in the heart of BU territory, will prove no problem. Patel has five years of experience at the site keeping the kiddos from getting cigarettes and uses a "state of the art" point-of-sale system that does stringent ID checking that will help prevent the under-21 set from getting their hands on sake or other beverages with an alcohol content above 0 percent.

Upton added that Patel would agree to a license restriction to prohibit the sale of kegs, single containers of beer and malt liquors.

Unlike with restaurant alcohol licenses, the board still has licenses to hand out for alcohol sales at stores.



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That's Kenmore/B.U.
The lowest Comm. Ave number in Allston is 1125.

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Is there a directory that states where different neighborhoods end and begin?

Would be interesting to see that.

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I would LOVE a definitive guide to the borders of Boston neighborhoods.

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At one time the city had a pocket-sized directory of all the city streets. I'm unsure if they are still available, but try this:


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Box 350 is in Boston, Mass., 0-2-1-3-4.

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If zip codes can be used as a guide to where neighborhoods border, there's that.
Allston is 02134. B.U./Kenmore is 02215.
That smoke shop is 02215.
The Paradise Rock Club is at 967 Comm. Ave. Would you call that Allston?
The smoke shop in this article is 957 Comm. Ave.

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I have up till now called The Paradise part of Allston, but what do I know? I hail from distant lands across a dirty water.

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Is the Paradise Rock Club in Allston or B.U./Kenmore?
If you agree it isn't Allston, the headline is incorrect.

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Just too many exceptions.

02121 includes parts of Dorchester and Roxbury.
02467 covers three communities in three counties.
02118 is not just the South End but includes part of Roxbury.

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that this subject has been broached on UHub:
On the impossibility of mapping Boston neighborhood lines

This prior map of the area actually pulls it all the way down past what is now the B.U. Bridge:
Outline and index map of Brighton, wards 25 & 26, city of Boston

It appears that at least historically the City considered the area in question to be part of Allston.

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The city treats the two neighborhoods as one thing, at least some of the time. They send me an Allston/Brighton neighborhood newsletter, and issue Allston-Brighton parking permits.

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This isn't 'nam, there are rules

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