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Boston man charged with driving around Newton threatening people he thought were Jewish and tearing down ribbons at a Jewish community center, police say

Newton Police report charging a Boston man with driving around the city "in a white SUV in order to harass and intimidate Jewish community members walking in the area" on April 30 and pulling down blue ribbons on trees outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston on Nahanton Street on Tuesday.

Police did not identify the man, but said that in addition to being from Boston, he's 49. However, Newton District Court records show a judge today issued a warrant for Alexei Rodriguez, 49, for two felony counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, two misdemeanor counts of assault to intimidate and two counts of violating a person's civil rights for the April 30 incident.

Records also show that yesterday, a judge issued Rodriguez a summons charging him with three misdemeanor counts of defacing property, larceny under $1,200 and causing property damage to intimidate for the incident. Arraignment on those charges was scheduled for June 3.

Police say they initially charged the man for the JCC incident after officers responded to a 911 call shortly before 6 p.m. on Tuesday and found the man still on scene. While investigating that incident, police say, officers found evidence linking the man to the April 30 harassment and went back to court today to request charges for that as well.

Innocent, etc.

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