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Councilor withdraws resolution calling for a city hiring freeze

Earlier this week, City Councilor Erin Murphy (at large) introduced a resolution calling for a hiring freeze at city agencies due to potentially choppy fiscal waters about to hit the city, but withdrew it before it could come up for a discussion or vote at yesterday's weekly council meeting.

"We all know we're entering treacherous waters here, we're already in them," she said, adding, however, that "our brothers and sisters in the labor movement" deserve a seat at the table for any discussions about workforce changes and so she would hold off on any such proposal for now.

Council President Ruthzee Louijeune (at large) praised Murphy for withdrawing her proposal for now. "I've heard from a number of unions how overburdened and overworked they are," and the city should take no steps to make that worse, especially for "our lowest-paid workers," she said.

Murphy withdraws her resolution:

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In the immortal words of JFK (John Forbes Kerry), "I voted for it before I voted against it."

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For the good of the city, stop voting for her.

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I know, yes she should not be voted for, all reasonable moderate voices must be squelched so the Party can succeed without any possible dissent.

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Despite your evident desire to feel oppressed, there's nothing but common sense preventing you from voting for her.

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Incredible how defenders of the status quo have convinced themselves that opposing progress is “dissent.”

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After all, she's the one trying to leave her city council job for an easy, lucrative clerk role.

(I also wouldn't call anyone who thinks street sweepers are spreading disease "moderate" or "reasonable", but I guess I'm just crazy like that.)

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