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GBH announces 31 layoffs, end of three public-affairs shows

GBH has posted details of its cuts today: 31 people were laid off and Greater Boston, Talking Politics and Basic Black shows are being taken off the air.

The layoffs represent 4% of the workforce at the station, which says it currently has a $7 million budget gap. At least publicly, the station did not detail which departments had what number of layoffs.

The station says it's going to look at how to bring the shows sort of back as "digital-first programming" - so podcasts, maybe - but says the shows "no longer draw enough viewers to justify the cost of making them for television."

GBH's NPR rival, WBUR, announced its own layoffs last month.

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I hope they keep their censors too.

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Izzums feefees hurts?

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This really bums me out. I'm not a daily viewer but I tune in whenever possible.
These are good shows and the last of a dying breed.
How much truly local programming do we have left?
I'm an optimist but this is rough.

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in-depth local news shows. Greater Boston and Basic Black are important shows. Everything else is a 30 second story, if that.

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I thought she was the new host. It also happens to be mostly black women whose shoes were cancelled

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they had to let go of one of the morning hosts.... (and I don't mean Paris).

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But I also think they have actual listeners, unlike some of the shows on tv that were cancelled.

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Basic Black was one of the most important news programs in the city. It covered issues that many journalists seem to not even want to touch with a nuance and commitment to truth that is often unfortunately lacking. It is also the only show on local public radio that deals with issues specific to Black Boston. So much for GBH's commitment to inclusion and equity. Shameful.

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The show had no diversity of opinion. Every panel was five or six well off academics of color who voiced identical takes on whatever subject was on the docket. Not looking for crossfire shows where people take opposite positions but there was nothing to be learned from the same opinions repeated for the entirety of the episode.

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If there were ever more than one guest they'd espouse virtually identical views, all fairly far left on the ideological spectrum. I think it generally fits with the political views of the station's viewers but there's little to be learned from an echo chamber.

There was one particularly disappointing episode of Greater Boston in the past several days where they teased talking about the impending fiscal crisis facing the MBTA and spent maybe 15 seconds at the end of the show mentioning that a big budget hole was coming and had no discussion of the subject. No one appreciates having their time wasted.

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"Basic Black" was way better back when it was called "Say Brother". Did "Basic Black" have any entertainment episodes like when Parliament was on "Say Brother" back in 1969?

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From the few times I watched it ( it used to show after Beat the Press on Fridays?)
It was an echo chamber , maybe it wasn't like that every week but knowing WGBH, that is unlikely.
I admit I haven't seen it in a long time, but I'm sure I'm not alone in tuning out, which is why it's cancelled.

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I would be interested to know what percentage of WGBH employees bike to work or take the MBTA. After all, this is where Mayor Wu speaks to the masses.

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