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Hanging out on Beacon Hill

Man leaning against window of Pioneer Food on Beacon Hill

Nishan Bichajian photographed this man sometime between 1954 and 1959 as part of anMIT project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation called Perceptual Form of the City, focused on urban planning, in particular how individuals navigate large cities.

The same storefront in 2022:



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… leave our building without being accompanied by an adult I went to this shop with my older cousin on an errand for my mother.
The shopkeeper was not the man pictured. He was a jolly fellow who was normally always very pleasant to my mother and nice to me.
But that afternoon when my cousin and I showed up, he told us very gruffly not to touch anything and glowered at us like we were dangerous street urchins. One of my first experiences with adult hypocrisy.

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without directly involving a vehicle.

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Looks like a good candidate for the Potemkin storefronts program.

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It’s an occupied apartment, you nitwit.

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Is it part of a duplex apartment @Bob Leponge? I mean like can you get to it from the apartment above like it's a second floor.

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It looks like something Edward Hopper would have painted.

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