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Busted on Storrow Drive

Bus stuck under a bridge on Storrow Drive

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, until the bus driver gets on Storrow Drive and skee-ronches right into the infamous Bridge of Double Storrows by Mass Eye and Ear. Tom Leonard couldn't help but photograph the scene this morning, given that the stuck bus was backing up traffic like nobody's business.

Traffic jam caused by stuck bus
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had been more interested in keeping up with the car in front of him:

  • Traffic would be less backed-up, and
  • U-Hub readers wouldn't have this pic.

A mixed blessing.

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How do we know he was driving? We most often drive with more than one person in the car, and the passengers handle this stuff.

We also pull footage off the dash cam.

If you find yourself unable to stop messing with your phone while driving, these are good options.

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The second, original, photo shows it was taken from the passenger seat.

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It’s beyond time to rip up storrow highway, created before the parallel mass pike was made, and return the land to parkland as was intended by the donor.

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But the Pike isn't exactly a perfect substitute right now, a lot of those trips are no doubt originating IN Boston given what I've seen getting onto and off of Storrow at Kenmore/Fenway ramps. So closing Storrow either sends those trips onto City streets or maybe over the river to Mem Drive and then back over the Longfellow? Add inbound Pike ramps in Boston? Yes, lets do that and maybe reduce Storrow to 1 lane each direction, who knows. But getting rid of it all together will never work unless we get flying cars or the T gets so good that people don't drive, my money is on the flying cars.

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Anyone else remember those signs?

One could argue that commuting is the antithesis of pleasure and just make it a cycleway until the river reclaims it.

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Back when pickups and vans were not allowed on Storrow, because they were trucks.

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Pleasure Vehicle: A vehicle used for personal, recreation, or commuting purposes which has
a vehicle weight rating or curb weight of 6,000 pounds or less as per manufacturer’s
description of said vehicle or is a sport utility vehicle or passenger van; or which is a pickup
truck or cargo van of the ½ ton, ¾ ton, or one ton class as per manufacturer’s description of
said vehicle; or which is a vehicle used solely for official business by any college or
university police department whose officers are appointed as special police officers by the
colonel of the state police under M.G.L. c. 22C, §63.

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