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Japanese cheesecake coming to Chinatown

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Uncle Tetsu, which makes cheesecakes, including green-tea matcha cheesecake and ube cheesecake made with purple Filipino yams, plans to open its first East Coast outlet on Hudson Street in Chinatown.



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Japanese cheesecake is not cheesecake, the same way "Manhattan clam chowder" is not chowder. It's tomato soup, rumored to contain clams.

They're not opening a museum of cheesecake and charging $25 to enter.

...make yourself a Basque cheesecake! No crust, and you can easily make it gluten-free by using GF flour (important for those of us w/celiac). It takes an insane amount of cream cheese (I think I had to buy 8 packages), heavy cream, etc. and is basically a heart attack on a cake plate, but oooooooooooohhhh man, is it ever good! (Source: made one myself for New Year's, couldn't get anyone else to come by, and ended up spending the next week eating it--and no, I didn't get sick of it. Not something to make very often, but damn good when you do!)

...why do you need flour, gluten-free or not?

Why would they put tomato soup in cheesecake?


I enjoyed some Uncle Tetsu’s while visiting Toronto and can attest they make delicious treats. I hope they do well!