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Man breaks into downtown bank, then locks himself in a mechanical room, at least until firefighters arrive and bust down the door, police say

An area man already wanted on unspecified charges in Philadelphia was arrested inside the Bank of America branch at 175 Federal St. downtown early this morning, police say.

Police say Antoine Washington, 44, smashed his way into the branch by shattering a window on the High Street side around 1:40 a.m. Responding officers, let into the branch remotely by Bank of America security, found Washington had gone into an ATM room behind the teller windows, then jammed the lock to the room.

Officers requested Boston Fire to perform a forced entry into the storage closet. Officers located the suspect inside, and placed him into handcuffs.

Washington was charged with felony breaking and entering in the night time, breaking into a depository, destruction of property worth more than $1,200 and being a fugitive from justice, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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At least we have had no murders downtown recently

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Why didn't he take any money? I wonder if he thought that would be a great hideout?

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And ATMs are built like safes.

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