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North End restaurant owner who's charged with trying to shoot somebody is released from jail to await trial under home confinement

A Suffolk Superior Court judge last week concluded Patrick Mendoza, charged with trying to plug somebody on Hanover Street, was no longer an immediate threat to society and so could be released from jail to modified home release while awaiting trial - he is allowed to leave home for work or for medical or legal appointments.

As first reported by NorthEnd.page, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Christopher Belezos also ordered Mendoza to post $10,000 cash bail. The judge also required Mendoza, a North End resident, to wear a GPS monitor 24 hours a day, undergo weekly drug tests and stay off of Hanover Street between Cross and Fleet streets.

Mendoza is charged with shooting at a man with whom he had long feuded outside Modern Pastry, located almost midway between Cross and Fleet, around 11 p.m. on July 12. He missed the man, who ducked behind a car before running away, but hit the bakery, police say.

Mendoza then allegedly pedaled away on his bicycle. Police found and arrested him about a week later at a Cape Cod substance-abuse center.

Mendoza formally faces charges of armed assault with intent to murder, attempted assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition. No trial date has been set; he returns to court June 11 for a pre-trial conference, court records show.

Mendoza was the owner of Monica's Trattoria on Prince Street. After the shooting, the Boston Licensing Board ordered the restaurant shut, because it no longer had a manager on site. The board let it re-open after Mendoza transferred ownership to his wife and son and they hired a new manager. Mendoza's two brothers, who also own Monica's restaurants in the North End, helped re-open the restaurant.

Innocent, etc.



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So nothing has changed. His family still runs the restaurant. He can go back to work. He tried to kill a guy with an illegally possessed gun and fled the city yet the judge doesn't think he's a danger to society?! I wonder why this country has such a bad gun problem...

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...and when I passed the Ruger Firearms manufacturing plant, I noticed that right across the street is a cemetery.

No doubt business for the one is business for the other. A rising tide lifts all coffins.

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