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Thieves have smashing success with cars in Jamaica Plain, police say

Boston Police report that since Jan. 26, numerous cars in Jamaica Plain have been broken into, including on Centre, Paul Gore, Forbes and Castleton streets and Lochstead Avenue, typical on Thursday nights into Friday mornings.

Two cars parked at 211 Boylston St. was broken into sometime late on Feb. 23 or early Feb. 24, police say.



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Just broken windows, there is insurance for that.

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Does that make it okay?

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It's trolling. That's what rgfy is all about.

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"Just" a broken window can still be a majorly bad day for the victim. Paying a deductible, or finding out that if you don't have comprehensive you're screwed, cleaning up whatever damage was done (hope it wasn't raining that night), figuring out what's missing from the car, finding someone else to take the kid to daycare, taking a day off to bring the car to the glass shop, etc.

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When people have a $500 deductible, it's a big deal. How would you feel if someone did that to your car??

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Could it be college students? Do they still mostly not have classes on Fridays or was that just a 1970's thing?

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Mine occurred~4:25 am on a Wednesday.

Could have been a student, who knows. He rode away on a bicycle. All he got from my vehicle was a pair of Ray Bans. He can use them to buy some undergarments, based upon the video of him reaching in the broken door window to rummage around and seeing his pants slide down.

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I think it's time to call police on heartless UHub trolls

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