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Athenaeum works to recover from burst pipe

As the Boston Athenaeum continues to dry out from flooding caused by a burst pipe, officials hope to re-open early next week.

In a daily e-mail update to members of the private library on Beacon Hill, Director and Librarian Paula Matthews said workers discovered the source of the flooding was a burst iron sprinkler pipe above the ceiling of one of the library's reading rooms. Once repaired, the library will be able to turn its sprinkler and fire-alarm systems back on, with the goal of re-opening in time for a Tuesday-evening lecture.

Matthews added that librarians hope to recover more than 1,000 circulating books that were soaked when the pipe burst. None of the library's paintings, sculptures or rare books were harmed, and no exhibit spaces were damaged. There was some minor damage to a few rugs and some furniture, she wrote.

The library was founded more than 200 years ago and houses rare book and art collections, in addition to a circulating library for its members.

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Running a bit behind in my reading but this is a nice report on one of Boston's treasures.

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