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Man charged with mistaking dog on Allston street for prey in Amazon rainforest

A man living on Ashford Street in Allston - where nothing good ever seems to happen - used a blowgun to shoot at a passing dog early Saturday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges.

Connor Thomas, 20, was released on $300 bail on charges of animal cruelty and assault with a dangerous weapon at his arraignment today in Brighton District Court, the DA's office says.

Prosecutors say that when a man walking his dog around 3:45 a.m. on Ashford St. noticed his pet limping, he discovered the reason was a yellow-tipped dart in the dog's back:

The man said he didn't know where the dart came from but heard rustling noises from a nearby building just after the dog was struck.

The officers scrutinized the area near where the dog was hit and found a second, white-tipped dart in the ground. Based on the angle at which it protruded from the dirt, the officers surmised that it came from an upper level of 5 Ashford St. They also recovered an additional dart nearby, this one with a blue tip.

The DA's office says Thomas gave police permission to search his apartment:

The officers spotted a single blow dart on a windowsill facing the sidewalk. Thomas allegedly said the room belonged to his roommate, but that he was the only person involved and didn’t mean to hit the dog. Thomas allegedly made additional statements that he had thrown a blowgun and additional darts out a rear-facing window.

The officers found the blowgun stuck in a tree and a bag of darts in a bag on the ground.

The dog is expected to make a full recovery, the DA's office adds.

Innocent, etc.



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Great, now this guy can go right back to abusing living things. Maybe he can start with the judge's dog, since the judge thinks that a person in our community blowing darts at animals is a laugh riot.

Seriously, Allston is full of scumbags. Put up cameras everywhere. Get the guy on tape abusing dogs, and make a law where we can execute him for doing it. It's not difficult, people.

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Is the Allston Blanchards still owned by the dog stomper? I still avoid that store due to that episode.

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I think the Mastiff and I might take a walk through Allston today.
What number Ashford did you say this cretin lives at?

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