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Old school, Boston style


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Note the Indian, I mean Native American arrow
through the hat. Now that's Old School:


Can't remember when they did away with that
arrow. I know it's wicked un-PC, but I kind
of liked it in a goofy way.

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Was when they had the happy little Pilgrim with the arrow through his head on the toll ticket - and all the hats on signs were green because Old Man Callahan at the turnpike authority wanted to stick it to the Brahmins.

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What, one of own Boston Irish forebears carrying
a grudge, and wanting to stick to the Yankees
(and I don't mean the Jeter)?


One of my favorite Curley stories is that he
would have one of his operatives dress as
a Brahmin cleric (pick the Protestant denomination
of your choice) and canvas Irish Catholic
neighborhoods for his opponent.

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