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Gunman, copper thieves strike in Brookline

Brookline Police report two women walking down Tappan Street (near the Brookline Hills T stop) shortly after midnight yesterday were stuck up by a man with a black handgun. However, they report he left after telling him they had no money. Holdup man is described as black, 6' tall with a medium build, wearing a dark hoodie and a white bandana over his face.

Police also report that sometime between 8 and 10 a.m. yesterday, thieves made off with copper flashing from the parapet, chimneys and pipes at 1657 Beacon St. in Washington Square. A similar robbery happened Jan. 9 on Harvard Street; police note that copper now goes for $6 a pound.

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It may seem silly, but there's decent $$$ to be made in architectural and metal salvage.

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I think they founded it before it was losted.

I hope the coppers catch these de-flashers before they steel somebody else's roof. At tonight's temperature, that would be an indecent exposure.

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