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Cops cop copper copper

Boston Police report arresting a guy allegedly wheeling copper away from a Back Bay alley shortly before 1 a.m. today:

Officers located a witness who told them that he has had to replace his copper downspouts at last three times in the past due to theft. The witness stated that he was awakened by noise in the alley and observed the suspect walking in the alley, heard some noise in the alley and then observed him walking out with a large piece of copper downspout in his hand and placing it in his cart.

Officers surveyed the suspect's shopping cart and observed several copper O-rings used to secure the downspouts in the suspect's shopping cart. Officers conducted a search of the area and located several missing downspouts.

The alleged perp, from Roxbury, was charged with larceny over $250.

Copper thefts in Newton and Brookline.

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Haha... great headline.

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that copped "headline of the year" out of the water.

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Did the cops put the copper chopper in the copper chopper to take him to the cop shop to see if he would cop a plea?

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