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Man wanted for slashing two in Harvard Square as his pals watched

Cambridge Police report they suspect the same group of men was behind two attacks in Harvard Square last night involving a knife or other sharp item.

According to police, a Cambridge resident was crossing the street at Eliot and Bennett streets around 10:30 p.m when:

A male came up behind him, grabbed him and struck him in the back of the head. The victim sustained a non-life threatening cut - believed to be a possible stab wound - and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The suspect was with two other individuals when this altercation occurred.

Roughly 15 minutes later and a couple blocks away, an Arlington resident was walking towards JFK Park and looking at his phone when:

A male, who was with a group of three other individuals, reportedly stabbed him in the back and punched him in the face. The victim returned to his workplace, but refused medical attention after sustaining non-life threatening injuries.

In both cases, the direct attacker was described as black and about 6' tall with a medium build. One victim described him as having an afro, police say.

Anyone with information is can call Cambridge Police at 617-349-3300.



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Lot's of hate going on and innocent people being hurt.

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If I'm understanding you correctly (not positive I am), would it change your mind about certain "aspects of these attacks" if you learned that the victims were also black? I don't know that they were but there's no mention of the ethnicity of the victims (so no reason to assume one way or the other).

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They need to be tested for hepatitis and HIV.

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