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Man charged with fatal shootings on the Expressway and at his Dorchester home


Lance Holloman, 30, was charged with two murders Sunday that left an East Taunton man dying on the side of I-93 and a New Hampshire woman fatally shot in Holloman's Dorchester home, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and State Police report.

Holloman was already behind bars, at the Suffolk County jail, after having his bail revoked for a May gun incident in Dorchester.

Holloman will now be arraigned - at a date that has yet to be set - on murder charges for the death of Scott Stevens, Jr., who, along with his father was riding home on motorcycles Sunday evening and for the death of Michaela Gingras, 24, at 11 Santuit St., which is owned by his mother.

Stevens and his father, who was also shot, were riding south on I-93 around 5 p.m. on Sunday when they were shot near Neponset Circle.

Several hours later, authorities say, Holloman fatally shot Gingras, who lived in Manchester, NH, but who grew up in Goffstown, NH.

Gingras leaves her parents, two brothers and two sisters:

She was small of stature but was fierce when protecting self and those she loved. She had an amazing heart and soul. She at one time volunteered at the Kids Cafe in Manchester, NH and was upset and saddened to see young children walking home alone in unsafe parts of Manchester so she decided she would walk each of them home to make sure they were safe. She loved all things "Betty Boop", Harley rides, shopping, and traveling, especially to Miami, and loved the Miami beaches.

She struggled with many things in life, and drug addiction like so many was one of them. She had just started to turn her life around when she was brutally taken from us. She had a big heart and loved to help people.

Holloman was arrested early Monday in Franklin, as he stood on the side of Rte. 140, screaming.


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My heart breaks for their loved ones. I've said this before but we really need to love and nurture our children. Show them sensitivity and teach them to value every living thing by example.

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love and nuture are great, but as long as there are humans, there will be shitty parents. that is why funding public education from pre-K to college is so important. and also fixing income inequality to give people hope!

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And funding schools is great but without loving and nurturing our children they will grow to be smart insensitive beings that don't value life.

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And representative example of our failed justice system to incarcerate violent repeat offenders. Thoughts with the families who lost loved ones to such senseless violence.

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All of his recent cases have not been to trial. He's not a proven repeat offender yet.

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Jesus. The police must feel awful about this one. Too bad nobody got a good look at the shooter, or the plates, during the Neponset circle incident. What an awful crime.

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