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Campaign roundup: Voters have a third choice on Tuesday

Osgood4Mayor Campaign Video

Donald M. Osgood, Sr., is running for mayor as a write-in candidate.

Meanwhile, City Councilor Andrea Campbell (Dorchester) today endorsed Marty Walsh for re-election.

Mayor Marty Walsh has been a strong leader for Boston, and has stood in support of policies that will help improve our communities, including the Community Preservation Act, which will pave the way for even more affordable housing. He has created a wide variety of programs to directly benefit our young people, ranging from a citywide mentoring movement, to youth summer jobs, and My Brother’s Keeper. While there is always room to further our work in public service, time and time again he has shown the entire city that he is deeply committed for the right reasons. He has my vote on Tuesday, and I look forward to continuing our work together over the next four years to move Boston forward.

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Did Marty Walsh put this guy in the race last minute to take votes from Tito? That's a good quality video and I watched it until the end. Good luck to Mr. Osgood, I wish he had entered sooner.

I don't want to second guess Mr. Osgood's last-minute motivations or ability to create that obviously professional video but it's the oldest trick in the book for an incumbent, when challenged, to have someone of the same ethnicity or race of his opponent to enter and split the vote. An Irish candidate being challenged by an Italian might find a second Italian at the last minute willing to be a write-in, etc. For instance in JFK's very first Congressional race there were two candidates named "Joseph Russo" who among others, split the vote.

Osgood seems like a nice, sincere guy. I hope he stays involved.

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I've known Donald for many years. He entered the mayoral race in April. Unfortunately, he did not collect enough signatures to be put on the ballot. He definitely was not put in the race to benefit Marty. He wants to be mayor of Boston.

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imagine crowd funding a project to compile charts/tables for Boston Elections... like the charts/tables at

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