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Man charged with gang-related stabbing inside Suffolk Superior Courthouse; pal also charged in connection with incident

State Police report a man was arrested yesterday for allegedly stabbing a man during a fight inside Suffolk Superior Court on Jan. 2 - after somehow slipping a knife past security.

State Police say Jeffrey Toney, 23, and Jerrell Greene-Martin, 18, were in the courthouse around noon with some acquaintances when they got into a fight with two other men on the building's second floor around noon. Greene-Martin took out a knife, stabbed one of the other two men - a 22-year-old Dorchester resident - then fled the building with Toney, State Police say.

"Evidence suggests the incident was gang-related," State Police say, adding the victim was taken to Mass. General and survived.

Greene-Martin was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, Toney with assault and battery. Toney had bail on an earlier charge revoked, State Police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Im saddened to hear about the misunderstanding the guys had at the courthouse yesterday!!!! It sounds like it got blown out of proportion. But regardless hopefully they learn from this incident and remember not to repeat it again , could of been avoided just a couple good kids probably local kids!!!

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Typically comment on this but them good peoples. Them my bros. Hate to hear bout this.

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The assailant was busted just in January selling drugs carrying a loaded gun.

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