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Man faces gun and drug charges after a traffic stop - again

Boston Police report officers who stopped a Dorchester man who'd been parked in front of a hydrant in Chinatown last night ended up charging him for the loaded, stolen gun and the "six individual clear plastic bags containing marijuana" they found in his car.

Police say officers spotted a car with excessive window tinting parked in front of a hydrant at Beach and Washington streets shortly before 7:40 p.m.

The vehicle then left the area and officers followed, continuing their observation of the vehicle. The vehicle sped up and crossed three lanes of traffic on Harrison Avenue Extension and officers followed, conducting a traffic stop. Before approaching the vehicle, officers observed the operator suddenly lean towards the passenger’s side of the motor vehicle as if he were reaching towards something. Officers approached the vehicle and spoke to the operator, who was sweating and breathing heavily. Officers detected a strong odor of marijuana and observed several plastic cups in the cup holder containing alcohol. Officers removed the operator and the passenger from the vehicle. Officers subsequently located a 9mm Sig Sauer Firearm loaded with five rounds of live ammunition as well as six individual clear plastic bags containing marijuana from inside of the vehicle. The firearm was later discovered to have been stolen out of New Hampshire.

Greg Altinor, 29, of Dorchester, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, subsequent offense, and receiving stolen property, police say, adding he was also issued a ticket for possession of an open container of alcohol, marked-lanes violation, failure to wear a seatbelt and obstructed windows. His passenger was not charged.

In December, 2017, police charged Altinor with similar offenses after stopping him for an equipment violation on Columbus Avenue in Roxbury - and then finding "a loaded .40 caliber Smith & Wesson 40VE handgun" and several bags of marijuana in his car. At the time, he was tagged as an "armed career criminal (level 2)."

Innocent, etc.



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Unless it was beyond the amount for personal use, it seems gratuitous given everything else they discovered that was unambiguously illegal.

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The government takes a 20% cut of every sale in the Commonwealth. They will brook no competition.
'Hey, pal...you wanna sell weed? Rent is twenty percent'

Whitey Bulger got less.

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Anything they find illegal will be added to the charges, hopefully with enough charges an armed career criminal will be removed from society for a nice stretch. Prosecters,Judges and Juries get their say as well, and sometimes disagree.

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And drug dealers don't always carry "beyond the amount for personal use" because that makes it more obvious. So they usually carry a small amount hoping that the distribution charge doesn't stick.

I would agree that there are a lot of cases where people should get breaks and not have charges pile up on them. This guy though? He does not deserve any breaks.

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of 1 year for gun charges? Was it declared unconstitutional or something?

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