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Cafe in South Boston to be replaced by another one with a pun name

Eileen Murphy reports that the Cranberry Cafe on East Broadway closed for good yesterday and will be replaced by a new place called Deja Brew.



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They should have called Punslingers. Sadly, "Brewnited States of Americano" was already taken.

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Espresso Yourself, in JP.

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"We need a name that's witty at first, but that seems less funny each time you hear it."

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"already brewed"

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But that certainly helps fulfill the "less funny every time you hear it" requirement.

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we used to hang in a place in NYC called Central Perk.

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Were you the jerks who always took up all the couch space?

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I know who you mean, they were the worst, self-entitled whiners. One of them supposedly worked there as wait staff, and they were all friends with that awful "singer-songwriter".

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This reminds me of a tite line from Hello Peril. Magoo thinks it goes a something like this:

“Welcome to the city that used to be free of suckers

'Til the techies came in hummers and colonized the gutters

If I see another hipster openin' a coffee shop

I'll make a body drop with my signature karate chop

And lollygagging politicians get the lollipop

And competition get the nuts and the poppycock”

Magoo sez Hello Peril has sweet flow and mad good lines. Magoo.

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