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Mystical experience in Chelsea

Tobin bridge at sunset

Matt Frank looked towards the Tobin Bridge from Chelsea this evening.

Pat Quintin took in an equally stunning view of the sunset from the Mass. Ave. Bridge:

Sunset over the Charles River

Ari Ofsevit also watched the sunset over the Charles:




For a mere 10 years and have seen many of the most spectacular sunsets of my life. (and I lived in HI for 8 years). This is one of the many beautiful things I love about New England.

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Sunsets are just sunsets... but when you introduce obstacles things get interesting. Clouds, dust, humidity, mist etc. Just happens that these things get really active in places where temps are always shifting. So in exchange for our unpredictable weather we are blessed with these sunsets LOL

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Have seen the sunrise from the bridge, but for a relevation of a view , take the Encore shuttle from the Aquarium pier. You see the workings of the harbor from water level. It passes by the old sugar pier, and you might luck out and see the car boat unloading at Moran. Plus other works, it’s a water wonderland.

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Mystic River = Newtown Creek in NYC. You don't want to stay around for too long. Those shuttles blast through the Mystic at top speed btw Tobin and Alford for a reason.

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They seemed to have cleaned it up pretty good, but there are a lot of industry nearby, present or past. Distrigas natural gas plant,previous coal processing plant, coke to street light gas, Edison power plant , Exxon jet fuel farm, more too. Tolerable considering everything.

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Why did Matt Frank get top billing when Pat Quintin managed a better shot without skew or slamming the magenta slider until it breaks off ? Can't tell if editor is colorblind or there was a Mystic Bridge pun just burning a hole in his pocket.

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Mr Anon,

I won't get into which is the better image because they are two very different takes on the same event.

What I will comment on is the dismissive nature of your comment towards how my picture came to be... Yes there was some vibrancy and saturation edits to this image but if you can believe it part of those edits was a lowering of one of the purples. In the original shot the bridge took on a much darker purple overcast itself. Other elements were red on their own already, like city hall with LED lights.

How did my sky get so much purple? This was with a 600mm lens from an intersection , on a hillside, looking between several layers of powerlines and trees. If I shot this closer the sky would be other colors... It is also how I got the pancake affect.

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And then I pounce!

Or, if you want the truth: I saw Matt's tweeted photo first and thought it was way cool and decided to post it (Matt having graciously tagged it @universalhub, which means I can post a copy).

And then I came up with a headline.

Then, a bit later, I looked in my inbox, and saw Pat's photo, which, yes, is also very nice. Had I seen it first, I might have posted it by itself and then, after seeing Matt's photo, added that to it.

In either case, I did post both photos.

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