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Girl grazed in the head by a bullet in Codman Square

Shooting scene

Crime scene. Photo by Jeff Durham.

Update: Father charged.

WBZ reports a girl was grazed by a bullet shortly after 5 p.m. outside 322 Talbot Ave..


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Sad to see this happening. Codman Square has one of last remaining tight knit communities in the city.

We often only hear about these types of incidents from areas like Codman, Egleston, and Mattapan, despite there being wonderful things happening each day. This isn't a knock at Adam for posting, I just already envision the backhanded comments that will come through, making subtle trolls that stoke this binary bullshit of a political discourse that our mostly online lives have created.

When a society treats people like commodities, and hedges the bets of certain neighborhoods by allowing other neighborhoods to fester, violence like this is what happens. This is not a revolutionary notion.

When it happens for generations and generations, what do we think will be the outcome? The answer is, we didn't think about it, and we didn't care. Our city, and our society, made short term choices that are having some long term consequences.

I hope she's okay. Nobody deserves this shit.

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Sickening. Find the gunman and prosecute him/her to the fullest extent of the law. Wishing a speedy physical and emotional revovery to the girl.

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FFS! Stop shooting at each other!

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why are kids getting off of school buses at 5pm? It's time to end busing.

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There are late buses for sports, groups, and kids who were in detention.

Perhaps you may be too unsmart (WATCH OUT JUDGE GARRITTY'S GHOST IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!) to understand that some kids (including mine) did not get home sometimes until 9 at night or later because of sports and / or theatre.

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If you took a citywide poll of residents, I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority would prefer to end busing. Neighborhood kids should be able to walk to school, but too many people get a piece of the annual $100 million pie we throw at busing in the name of equality.

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Reality is another.

I have friends my age who put off marriage for a while. As soon as kindergarten rolled around, so did the toddler prep school applications or the u-haul to more leafy places. I know kids born in the South End who are now in Hingham, Cohasset, Scituate, Marshfield, Winchester, and Dover schools. The parents voted with their feet.

Things aren't going to change unless they come from Michelle Wu's base when it comes to busing.

The old Klingon proverb - Only Nixon Could Go To China rings true here. If AEG advocates for neighborhood schools and a curtailing of busing, it will be called racist and a return to Old Boston. If Wu does it, it is called fiscally prudent and for building a better Boston.

Funny how politics works. Same goals, different perceptions.

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Yeah, white flight is a thing. Your point? We could make the public schools give every student a private tutor and a free pony, and certain segments of white people would move to places where the schools don't have as many Black and brown people in them (as this is one of their measures of what makes a "good" school).

Boston is so geographically tiny and so compartmentalized that it is very feasible to map out neighborhood schools in such a way that they'd all be quite diverse in terms of income and race/ethnicity. There would still probably be some programs in which many students receiving an accessible education would still want to go to a school with a cohort with similar disabilities, and there would be students who require door-to-door transportation for accessibility, so we wouldn't entirely eliminate buses, but for the most part, most students could be assigned to a school within walking distance with a diverse group of peers.

The other issue is that the city would need to spend money on walking/biking infrastructure and enforcement. There are plenty of great schools within 1-2 miles of my house where I would not want my kids walking or biking because the bike lane is full of USPS trucks and empty BPS cruisers, the travel lane is full of motor vehicles going 45 in a 25, and there aren't signaled crosswalks. I know plenty of parents who, for these reasons, chose their kids' elementary schools (even people with younger kids who entered in the new smaller-zone system) based on which ones WOULD give them a bus. People know that even though the bus stop is allowed to be some distance (I think up to a mile?) from the home, it generally isn't.

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It is not just White Flight.

Try harder. I know your prescription only allows you to see things a certain way. Get it checked out and see the whole picture.

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Find a different target to attack than a woman who lives in Boston with kids, and deals with the various systems professionally.

Or you can continue to act like a small child with a slight scratch who wants attention from mommy about your self-declared victim status.

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She called me out and then you smothered her with being the victim.

We wear big people pants around here and if you comment, you should be grown up enough to take a logical retort.

Take a read through this when you have a chance. It might help you a bit: http://northshore.smartcatalogiq.com/en/current/Credit-Catalog/Academic-...

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