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Harvard Square bank held up

Bank robber

Cambridge Police report they are looking for a guy who held up a bank in Brattle Square shortly after 1 p.m. today.

Police say the man, described as black, about 5'10" and wearing a black jacket and dark pants, passed a teller a note. "Evidence from the robbery was recovered at nearby University Road."

If you saw somebody matching that description, you can contact police at 617-349-3300 or send an anonymous tip, starting with TIP650, to 847411.


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That's rather important information to leave out. There's an Eastern Bank branch there, but I think there are a couple of others, too.

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There are 2 bank offices which have a street address in Brattle Square, both in the same building at 1 Brattle Square: Webster Bank and Eastern Bank.

Cambridge Patch is saying the robbery was at Webster Bank.

Citizens Bank has an office across the street, but its address is 30 Brattle Street, not Square.

Harvard University Employees Credit Union faces the same intersection, but has an address on Mount Auburn Street.

I remember when the old Coolidge Bank had an office in a converted gas station, on the site now occupied by HUECU. There weren't many banks around Boston that still looked like gas stations...

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38 Harvard faculty members have signed a letter saying they couldn't imagine this guy could rob a bank, so maybe we should all reserve judgment.

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… gonna get a lot of likes.

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FDIC? Banks and their mega wealthy top execs can afford to have armed guards at front doors before you walk in. Like u get screened at the JFK Building, One Ashburton, Tip O'Neill Building, and others. Surely we should have learned from the crack epidemic but we are now in the opioid epidemic. Which is now combined with the crack epidemic. I don't get it.

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Nah Magoo is gonna stick with Magoo and not go with Gagoo. Magoo.

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I know of a good way to stop bank robberies in Harvard Square; turn the banks back into the useful, locally owned kind of businesses they replaced.

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