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Woman who claims Arroyo attacked her talks to the Globe, Arroyo seeks release of BPD reports, Wu unendorses him

The Globe interviews one of the two women BPD allegedly investigated DA candidate Ricardo Arroyo for attacking when they were in high school in 2005, and that she stands by her story of "the coerced sex, the mental manipulation, threats she said he sent her."

Arroyo, meanwhile, says he has gone to court seeking an order giving him access to the BPD files - which his fellow city councilor Frank Baker is seeking to get through a council subpoena :

These allegations from when I was a junior in high school were investigated and led to no charges being filed. As I have maintained from the beginning, I have never, as a minor or ever, sexually assaulted anyone.

Through my lawyer, I have gone to Suffolk Superior Court seeking an emergency order giving me access to these files — with appropriate redactions to protect the identification of the individual. Since being informed of these accusations by the Boston Globe, I have become aware that there was a written determination by law enforcement at the time that stated the allegations were unfounded.

I believe in truth and I want the facts to be public and for people to see the determination made by law enforcement in this matter.

That portion of the illegally leaked file was not shared with the media. If the Superior Court grants me access to these files they will prove that law enforcement determined at the time that these claims were unfounded.

The second woman the Globe has referred to has said through her attorney that Arroyo did not attack her. Arroyo says he didn't even know he had been investigated until the Globe contacted him a few weeks ago.

In a tweet this morning, Mayor Wu said she can no longer endorse Arroyo, but said she also can't endorse acting DA Kevin Hayden, whose office she said might be to blame for leaking documents related to the investigation, which never resulted in any criminal charges.

"I continue to have serious concerns about Mr. Hayden's judgment in prosecuting cases, his handling of media scrutiny of pending cases, and his conduct in office," she writes.

Also dropping their Arroyo endorsements today: Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren.

Update: Also unendorsing Arroyo: US Rep. Ayanna Pressley and City Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune.



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Sens Markey and Warren release a joint statement rescinding their endorsement of Arroyo. My only question is if he jacks it in before or after the City Council meeting at noon.

** Councilors Louijeune and Coletta rescind their endorsements

*** 2pm hearing on Arroyo's request for the BPD investigation files

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this marks the end of a highly over rated family dynasty.

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They're what gets delivered when you order the Kennedys off wish.com

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And this guy is the best that a major city/county can get for a DA candidate? Maybe raise the pay for the position?

Again, tax this Libertarian voter if the result is somebody who *isn't* a sexual assailant prosecuting crimes on behalf of the community.

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How or why is anyone going to tax you when you don't even live here and can't vote in our elections?

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But okay.

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@welcometodot's tweet pretty much sums up my feeling on this: "I will vote for either candidate if they vow to resign immediately if they win."


otherwise I'm writing in myself.

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So Big Tex is doesn't like either. Then they can move back to dustbowl country.

Just remember, the person you hate, Frank Baker, was the one who pushed to get Rappin' Rickey's history out there.

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What a sad predicament this election is in.

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One could easily imagine that BPD was under some pressure to determine the allegations were "unfounded."

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It doesn't seem BPD cares much what the council (or anyone else) thinks.

Had charges been filed there would have been people who claim BPD was only trying to embarrass the council in going after someone's son.

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if i understand the allegation correctly, coercion would be a misdemeanor; whereas, a threat of violence would be charged as a felony (if indicted would result in a prison sentence).

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this is turning into city on a hill.

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