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Republican sacrificial lamb in Pressley district broke campaign-finance laws in his council race last year, state says

The Dorchester Reporter reports (scroll down a bit) that state officials are warning Donnie Palmer that he could be barred from local and state ballots in the future if he doesn't soon file details of the contributions he got in his failed racist campaign to get elected a city councilor last year. Palmer's name will be on the ballot in November as an alleged alternative to US Rep. Ayanna Pressley.



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Time to write another article similar to what you did for Monica Cannon Grant by attributing her non-profit financial irregularities to a lack of mentoring from established politicians, etc.

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Palmer was involved in an altercation this week with reps from the City Council hearing mob outside a Pressley event. The video is out there..can’t upload.
Wonder if this move is related.

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Wasn't that a few weeks ago? Or was there a second incident?

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Donnie Palmer vs. incumbent US Rep. Ayanna Pressley. I predict a KO in the first round awarded to Pressley.

What really bothers me though is that we have Republicans in Massachusetts that are still backing TFG. I can forgive Palmer because he was a boxer and probably suffered some type of brain injury during his career as a fighter and doesn't even know it but your average Joe/Jane Republican in Massachusetts believing any of TFG's BS is beyond me.

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You can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.

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