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Retail workers at Allandale Farm look to form union

Allandale Workers United is a group of retail workers trying to organize a union at the 105-acre farm that straddles the Jamaica Plain/Brookline line. They've filed with the National Labor Relations Board and, if successful, would join workers at JP's City Feed stores in unionizing.

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Hasn't it been months since their vote? I can't find any news of anything that's changed or if they even have a contract.

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Home of the 5.99/lb tomato.

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Cheap for beefsteak.
Expensive for beefsteak tomatoes.

I see $4.99 for heirloom tomaters frequently.
It's not horribly out of line, and if they are actually really delicious, worth it to some.

Maybe they price them high so they can take them home hemselves at a discount when they are extra ripe and juicy.

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