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Police confiscate loaded gun from 7-year-old at Dorchester school

Detective leaving Holland School with evidence

Detective leaving school with evidence. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports administrators and security guards confiscated a loaded handgun from a 7-year-old this afternoon at Up Academy Holland 85 Olney St., in Dorchester.

Boston Police detectives arrived to take possession of the gun and start an investigation into how the child wound up with the weapon.

Although the child is too young to be charged with a crime, the gun's owner or parents could face charges for allowing the gun out of their possession.



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Legally owned? Gun laws are a joke in places where it is so easy to get a gun from someone you know around the corner

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Seriously, my receptors are dead. I'm just numb to all of it.

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Compliments of our neighbors to the north and their laughable gun laws.

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