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Rhode Island man, trainer of NBA stars, charged with drugging somebody's drink in downtown Boston, then raping her

Boston Police report arresting a Warwick, RI man on charges he drugged and then raped somebody in downtown Boston.

Robert McClanaghan, 43, who wrote a book in 2019 in which he was blurbed as "the premiere basketball trainer to the stars of the NBA," was arrested Friday in Warwick on a warrant issued in the central division of Boston Municipal Court on Thursday for rape and drugging for intercourse. He is scheduled for arraignment on Monday in a Rhode Island court as a fugitive from justice - the first step in returning him here to face the rape charges - police say.

Police did not provide any details of the incident he is charged for, but their report includes a warning about roofies and other drugs slipped into drinks at Boston bars.

Both Boston Police and the Boston Licensing Board have been warning about the practice for more than a year now. The licensing board has held several hearings into possible drink druggings at Boston clubs and bars - so far holding the establishments blameless - while some places have taken steps to reduce the odds of women getting drugged, including removing drinks of people who leave their tables and offering plastic drink covers.

Innocent, etc.

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Well, he'll get slipped a mickey.

Thank you to the victims and to the detectives for finding this coward and sadist.

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