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Woman shot on MBTA bus near Andrew station; photo of possible suspect released

Shooting suspect

Surveillance photo via TPD.

Update: Police say they found the guy, have talked to him and that their investigation continues.

Transit Police have released a photo of the man they say may have shot a woman in the stomach on a bus outside Andrew station around 5:25 p.m.

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The area around Andrew Square has become a troubled one. With its proximity to the Methadone Mile, it has become a spot that attracts the lost souls and those that seek to profit from their misfortune.
This does not surprise me at all. I heard the helicopters last night and I figured something bad had happened.
Recently, the computer shop in the square closed. One of the main reasons that it closed was that the owner said it had become too dangerous.
It's a dangerous place. I'm unsure what to do, but I would say that getting something concrete done about the horror show along Southampton Street and its surrounding area would go a long way to cleaning up the neighborhood.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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Andrew Square has always been a shithole.

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Perhaps, but there has been a slide - things have been rougher the last 5-10 years than they were 10-20 years ago.
For example, the Mount Washington, err... East Boston... err... Rockland Trust went through a period of getting robbed every few months.

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