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Hard to miss the local roots of the captain of one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

Chowdah Hill

The commander of the USS Eisenhower, currently in the Red Sea launching attacks on Houthis, is Capt. Chris "Chowdah" Hill.

Chowdah Hill is from Quincy and went to Tufts.

When not overseeing warplane attacks against military complexes in Yemen, Hill likes to surprise his sailors by ordering them to the bridge and having them sit in the captain's chair for a special reward: A cookie and then an announcement that the sailor's grandma loves him or a question on whether the sailor called his wife on their anniversary. Apparently, sailors' loved ones can make requests:

Unsuspecting Petty Officer called to bridge alone. Put in Captain’s chair, handed a cookie. Seems confused. Told it was mom’s doing. He smiles big & takes a bite. While chewing, he says, “Tell my mom I’m actually having a pretty good time.” Goes back to work on fighter jets.



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That guy is amazing! So proud he's from here!

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Here he explains why military shouldn't cut nuclear-powered carriers


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