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Two alleged MS-13 members face federal charges after gun arrests in East Boston park

UPDATE: Both men sentenced.

The US Attorney's office reports Nery Rodriguez Diaz, 18, and Elmer Alfaro Hercules, 19, both Salvadoran nationals, were indicted this week on one count each of being aliens in possession of firearms and ammunition, following their arrests last month at the Bremen Street Park on gun charges.

Diaz had been charged with armed assault with intent to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for a 2017 incident in which he and two other men allegedly held somebody down in Everett and stabbed him 22 times, but the case was dismissed in March after the victim, who survived, disappeared, the US Attorney's office reports.

Boston Police arrested Diaz and Hercules at the Bremen Street Park, near Marion Street, around midnight on May 22 on charges related to the loaded guns police said they found on them.

According to the US Attorney's office:

As Diaz was escorted to a waiting police cruiser to be transported for booking, Diaz allegedly shouted “La Mara! La Mara!” to a person in the park.

The US Attorney's office says the two entered the US as unaccompanied minors in 2014. They face prison sentences of up to ten years - and deportation if found guilty.

Innocent, etc.



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Are still considered children in some peoples eyes.
CAGE THEM!!!!!!!

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This is a good example of why Dreamer kids have to be vetted. It definitely harshes the progressive narrative of ripping babies from their mothers, yet AG runs the story anyway.
Unlike the Time story, which was full blown bullshit.

Plus, one of them had the name 'Elmer', which is adorable.

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Dreamers ARE vetted. These two were not Dreamers. And the kids ripped from their parents more recently? We're talking like 5-year-olds and toddlers, not these guys.

Nothing about Dreamers or sanctuary cities says "don't go after criminals," except in certain people's minds. I could try to explain, again, why sanctuary status can help reduce crime, but, eh, you've heard it before and still won't believe me.

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Uh Adam you haven't seen Time magazine's correction that their entire crying girl cover story was fake?

Dan Kennedy really let the magazine have it last night on Beat the Press for journalistic malpractice. A narrative was pushed hard all week based on a false story and gallingly Time is insisting on a 'Fake but accurate' defense. That sort of blatant media dishonesty and activism is what cost Dan Rather his job and gave Bush a second term.

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And it has nothing at all to do with Dreamers, MS-13, Bremen Park, guns, or really anything else on this page.

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I notice that it is no longer being carried on Xfinity On Demand. In fact, none of WGBH's news programs are anymore. Does anybody know what happened? I would sometimes rely on On Demand to see these programs.

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That if you recall, back in 2014 there were concerns that the unaccompanied minors flowing into the US from Central America were not getting properly vetted. Given how many of these kids can no longer be located by HHS, there might be a case to be made for making the system work better.

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So...one was 14 and one was 15. I guess DACA or whatever. So, they still shouldn't be here.

I said nothing about the sanctuary city issue. I understand the cops need cooperation to do their job. What I did say was they should be vetted better at the border.

Even better idea...you want to come here? Present yourself properly at a legal port of entry.

Oh, the screaming little brat that Time mag ran? Total fake news. She put the kid down so security could search her. Torn from her? Ya, sure, for about four minutes, then sent on their way. Together. Oh, by the way, hubby's back in the old country and he had a bunch to say...but it ain't in Time mag.
Fake but accurate? This is why faith in the mainstream media is at historic lows.

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The Time magazine cover issue has absolutely nothing to do with this particular case, but you know that and are just trying really hard to find something to feel superior about.

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Why is it that all right wingers are terrified of everything and cannot just use google to fact find to save their sanity?

Is it so impossible to understand facts? It isn't hard to find facts. Is it so impossible to get mental health care for your paranoid fantasies making you afraid of the world and irrationally and violently aggressive as a result?

Is it lead poisoning damage from early child hood that prevents you from learning what the dreamers are and that the only "crisis" is in your fear-addled brain?

TL/DR what the fuck is wrong with you people?

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You had to sign up for DACA. But it’s not enough people, it’s only 800,000 votes plus family members from chain migration. So add in the Dreamers who never bothered to sign up.

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