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Alleged Community College junk waver arrested


Transit Police report arresting Ramon Baez, 31, on charges he stood in the Community College Orange Line stop and pointed his junk in the direction of passing women - and say they're now looking at whether this was not his first time fondling himself for an unwilling audience.

According to police, Baez spent a fair amount of time Tuesday morning with his genitals hanging out, at least until one of his victims complained to police, who arrived in time to haul him away for booking.

While passing through Community College MBTA station in the lobby area along with another female companion she observed a male, later identified as Ramon Baez, 31, of Boston leering at them and committing a lewd act. At this time Baez' genitals were fully exposed. TPD Officers were dispatched and simultaneously our public safety camera system was utilized. Based on a description TPD Operations personnel quickly located the male on camera at the top of the escalator inside Community College Station. A quick review of video clearly depicts the male indiscriminately targeting numerous female commuters as he commits lewd acts.

He was charged with open and gross lewdness, police say, adding they are investigating his role in other similar incidents.

Innocent, etc.



One man's junk is another man's treasure?????

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