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Shots fired in the Back Bay

Evidence markers

Evidence markers on Fairfield Street. Photo by Neal.

Around 4 p.m. in the area of Boylston and Fairfield streets.

Brittany D reports:

Heard what sounded like gun shots and now tons of cops zooming down Newbury Street.

WHDH reports nobody injured.

Police are looking for a white Kia Sorrento seen fleeing the scene.

Police initially shut streets as far away as Arlington. Neal reported at 5:13 p.m. that Nordstrom Rack locked its doors - and any customers inside - and that he was still there more than an hour after the initial incident.

Police are using the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to hold a large number of witnesses.

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Let them know they need to add onto their own dangerous Boston neighborhood to its own list post haste.

Mon dieu! Le Baie Du Back est dangereaux!


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N’est-ce pas?

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since I cracked open a French book, mais, oui, La Baie Derriere.

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C’est LA baie, pas LE

Dangereuse, pas dangereux (jamais avec un “a”)

Bonne soirée!

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Explains all the helicopters

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It is amazing how many bullets are buzzing around Boston and missing innocent citizens.

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I assume it’s all very strategic gang related shots. But what do I know

Big ups to all the gangs for having impeccable target accuracy! ::Leo DiCaprio tilting glass:

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People getting shot and killed daily in Boston’s poorer neighborhoods: zero comments, complete apathy.

A few rounds on Newbury Street: uproar, commenting, helicopters flying everywhere.

And the police are the problem?

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Looking at Adam's own records, there are far from daily murders in any neighborhood of Boston.

You are correct in that none of the last 3 murder stories have had any comments posted to them.

But I think you've extrapolated to a conclusion based on facts not in evidence. I really don't see how UHub comments bears any connection to any real or perceived faults in our law enforcement system.

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People are shot just about daily in Boston. Adam doesn’t catch it all

There’s been ~240 people shot this year and nearly 900 shots fired calls. Rounds are let off multiple times a day in Boston and often hit cars and homes (hit my friends car back in July).

Stop being obtuse. Clearly people don’t care about Boston’s poorer neighborhood crime.

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People getting shot and killed daily

...is how their comment started.

Yes, it is possible to shoot and kill someone and not have it be considered murder, but if that's happening daily in Boston, there's a bigger story we are missing here.

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No comments.

Get hit by a car on a bike. 75 comments.

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the comments fell off when commenters stopped blaming people in the bury for getting shot. they still blame cyclists for getting struck by cars.

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The comments usually reflect a dialogue/disagreement between readers.

Thankfully, we all agree people should not be getting shot. There's not much more to say.

Sadly, a substantial group believes that biker you saw rolling through a stop sign is relevant to someone else on a bike being hit and killed. Or that "if you're a [insert noun], you have to understand that cars are going to hit you." So yeah, there's more of a "dialogue" for those posts.

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Maybe it's self selection of which people use the site.

If more residents/visitors of the poorer neighborhoods commented here then there would be more parity in the amount of comments.

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I was at the scene when the shooting started around 4:05p, and witnessed everyone running and screaming - I hid for dear life and haven't been able to sleep. This was a domestic terrorist attack, please report it as it was. Thank you - concerned citizen

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