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Middleboro man charged with trying to break into South Boston apartment; found with stolen and loaded gun and somebody else's passport

Boston Police report arresting William Walsh, 35, of Middleboro, on charges he tried to break into a West Broadway apartment shortly after 5 a.m. this morning, after he was apparently more successful breaking in somewhere else and stealing a loaded gun, credit cards, a license and a passport.

Police report the apartment's occupant heard somebody trying to open his door:

When he approached the door, he heard a male voice on the other side ask for help because someone had pulled a gun on him. The victim did not open the door, but called 911.

Police say officers found Walsh hiding behind a car in the garage of the building, at 339 West Broadway, between D and E streets - after they found a jacket in the building's lobby, containing "a Smith and Wesson .38 Special firearm" loaded with five rounds, which had been reported stolen during an earlier break-in, a stolen license and a stolen passport. Near Walsh down in the garage, police say, officers found a backpack containing stolen credit and debit cards. And then they found a container with currency and IDs and checks belonging to a woman.

Walsh was charged with unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, receiving stolen property valued at more than $1,200, breaking and entering in the nighttime and breaking and entering a vehicle or boat in the nighttime, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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A federal charge for the stolen passport, right? I hope so. Enjoy pound me into ash prison, douchebag.

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>shortly after 5 a.m.

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It’s Bad Man Orange’s fault.

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Actually, the bad Orange man is Your Fault.

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You tried this idiotic comment yesterday and fungwah dunked on your foolishness, yet for some reason you thought it was still clever? Time to sing a different tune.


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I saw a post earlier on Next Door from a woman who lives in that area. She stated she had stuff stolen out of her car in a garage. It's got to be related.
Our neighborhood is a favorite 'hunting ground' for drug addicts from the Methadone Mile. Package theft, breaking into cars and garages, as well as going into backyards and rear porches to steal whatever they can get their hands on.
It seems like this guy was taking it to the next level. He sounds like he was particularly desperate. This easily could've ended up in a tragedy.
One important lesson from this is don't open your door to anyone you're not expecting.
Call 911.

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You're saying people from the corner of melnea cass and mass ave walk up to west broadway to break into places?

1.8 miles away?

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They absolutely do. Its a fairly straightforward walk, not hard to get lost. Some with nowhere to go, wander all day anyway, or are already from the neighborhood. Residents need to pay attention. And City Point should not think they are safe, the crime will be getting further into the neighborhood. Its not only a lower end thing. If the city gets embarrassed enough over the protests from the Mass Ave neighborhoods and decides to act like they are doing something about it, they will end up shuffling the problems around and Southie sits right there.

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They do indeed. They either walk, or as I have noticed, they 'Blue Bike' it. I'm unsure how so many of them have these bikes, but it looks like they figured out how to get a bike and keep it. It's not just Melnea Cass & Mass Ave. The so called 'Mile' extends out to Andrew Square and Edward Everett Square. I see these people out and about at all hours. Another gathering spot is the Speedway Gas at the intersection of Old Colony Ave and D Street. My guess there is that it's a 24 hour operation and they can get there smokes, drinks etc.
Just because there is some distance from the epicenter doesn't necessarily mean that the neighborhoods beyond there are out of reach

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You think 1.8 miles is a considerable distance to walk?

Time to start exercising, pal.

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This never happened in Whitey's Southie!

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Always, always, it's a out of towner.

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