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Man charged as Mass. Ave. drug dealer

Boston Police report officers on patrol in the general Methadone Mile area due to resident complaints about drug sales arrested a man police say the officers spotted selling some drugs, at Massachusetts Avenue and Washington Street around 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Police say Robert Lewis, 56, was detained by the officers, who seized "a bag the suspect was holding which contained 18 small plastic bags of crack cocaine, 30 small plastic bags of fentanyl, 11 small plastic bags of powdered cocaine and one larger plastic bag of powdered cocaine with a combined total weight of 54 grams."

Officers also seized another bag that contained $2,964 in cash.

Lewis was charged with trafficking Class A and B drugs and possession with intent to distribute Class A and B drugs, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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I live in this neighborhood and feel as negatively as anybody about the drug dealers who prey on and contribute to the concentrated misery in the area, but I feel a little bad for this guy too. Low-level street dealing isn't something most people would still be doing at age 56 if they had any other options.

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Never ending demand. Never ending supply.

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"On patrol due to resident complaints..." Police should be on patrol there all the time.

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