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Worker at South Bay Stop & Shop stabbed in the chest

A worker at the South Bay Stop & Shop, 1100 Massachusetts Ave. in Dorchester, was stabbed shortly before 10 p.m. by somebody in a group of eight to nine men who fled the scene.

Police said two of the men had knives. A third man had a BB gun.

It's the second time this week that a Dorchester supermarket worker was stabbed. On Wednesday, a man was stabbed at the Lower Mills Star Market, allegedly as the result of an argument and fight over whether he was shirking his job.



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And what was the reason for this stabbing? Terrible.

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Actually the first on was in Mattapan at star market, so it’s the second worker stabbed but not a second for dorchester.

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I could just identify everything as "Boston" and be done with it.

I went with Dorchester for the Star Market partly because it's like a couple blocks outside the heart of Dorchester Lower Mills, partly because the store itself identifies the location as Dorchester.

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It's a neighborhood no man's land.
It has a Mattapan zip code but closely identifies as Lower Mills, which is widely known as a Dorchester location. but it's also a stone's throw away from Milton.

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It's not a "no man's land" and the name Lower Mills is in no way reserved for Dorchester. It's Lower Mills in Mattapan, just as Yellow Door Taqueria is Lower Mills in Dorchester, and the Milton Village Hardware Store is Lower Mills in Milton. It's one neighborhood, Lower Mills, that straddles 3 zip codes. For some internalized reason, people have a negative connotation about Mattapan and try to avoid using the moniker, much as it was done in this article. If you live in 02126, the Mattapan zip code where Star Market is located, you are going to the post office in Mattapan Square to pick up your undelivered mail. Far from being a "no man's land", Lower Mills is one of the most walkable, vibrant, and busy neighborhoods in the 2 municipalities that share the designation with pretty much everything you need at hand to live day to day without having to leave the neighborhood. Sub shops to fine dining, independent and chain coffee shops, banking, post office, high and low priced gyms, an incredible nature trail along the river that goes through all 3 zip codes, excellent public transit, shopping and the list goes on and it's all Lower Mills.

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I identify Lower Mills like Chestnut Hill. A few neighborhoods share the name. Dorchester, Mattapan and Milton. May not be technically, but I do reference which side of the area I am talking about and immediately someone will know exactly where I'm speaking on.

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This Shaws/Star Market is located in Dorchester with a 02124 zip code. The old Star Market at 70 River St was in Mattapan. Lower Mills is made up of a small parts of Milton, South Dorchester and Mattapan. I live on the last street in Lower Mills going towards Mattapan Square with a zip code. All old City records have my street listed as Dorchester. My deed and utility bills all say Dorchester.

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