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One Burke student charged with stabbing another

A 15-year-old was arraigned on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon yesterday after she allegedly stabbed a 14-year-old at Jeremiah Burke High School on Tuesday, 60 Washington St. in Dorchester, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

A judge in Dorchester juvenile court set bail at $500, but even if she could make that, she is remaining behind bars because the judge revoked her bail on an earlier charge of assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest, the DA's office reports.



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When she assaulted an officer a 14 year old wouldn’t have been stabbed on Tuesday.

Our judges are battling meteorologists for the title of make the highest amount of bad calls professionally as possible.

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Those who watched 'Ted' will be reminded of the quote about Dorchester.

"I heard their school mascot is just a guy with a knife."

Kind of a cheap shot .. but the series does take place in 1993, so.

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