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Light up his life, you dolt

Maybe the person in the minivan on 128 that Tim didn't see as he was changing lanes will read his post on Why I didn't see you this morning:

Sorry to the person I nearly hit while changing lanes on Route 128 in Needham this morning. I didn't see you, but not because I didn't look. I did. Actually, I looked twice, in two mirrors and over my shoulder. You know why I didn't see you? Because you didn't have your minivan's lights on. ... I would think you would have learned by now to put your headlights on in the rain. It's not so you can see better, it's so I can see YOU better. Your lights are able to cut through the road spray and rain, unlike the glint from your faux-chrome grill. And it's not just a courtesy, it's for safety. Isn't safety one of the reasons you purchased that Griswold Family Truckster in the first place? It certainly wasn't for its sportiness. ...

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