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Why are the Globe's metro columnists so lame?

John Gonzalez weighs all three of the columnists and finds them wanting:

... In a city that needs bold opinions, particularly now that Bailey is gone, who among them is up to the task? Walker is inconsistent. So is Abraham, who just returned to writing this spring after spending much of her first year as a columnist on maternity leave. Cullen, meanwhile, exhausted much of his first year finding his chi. What kind of cattle prod does it take these days to make a Globe columnist earn his feed? ...

He also provides the rules for the Kevin Cullen drinking game. Yes, you get points for every Irish reference.



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Scott Allen's opening paragraph is....Poignant. Great article, nice work....

"The night before he hanged himself with a garden hose in the basement of his parents' home, Jeffrey Lucey asked if he could sit on his father's lap. For the better part of an hour, Kevin Lucey quietly held his 23-year-old son, an Iraq war veteran who had returned depressed and deeply ashamed of what he said was his brutal treatment of Iraqis. When Kevin Lucey discovered his son's body the next night, there was a suicide note: "I am totally embarrassed at the man I have become and I hope you can remember me only as a child."


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You can tell Yvonne Abraham thought long and hard about what Gonzalez had to say in her column today.

Um, OK, it was a nice, fun little piece about a carousel in Salem. I enjoyed it for what it was. Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable, however, it ain't. More of a feature story than a column, really.

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