News site seeks local bloggers for hire

Boston Examiner, a now mostly auto-generated site that aims to be like Boston Now, only successful, is advertising for a couple dozen bloggers who would get paid (based on page views) for their posts.


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Yeah, I noticed that listing, too.

It seems just about everyone is creating a blog network and then paying writers out of ad revenue proceeds.

I'm skeptical.

As a writer, how much time are you going to spend writing a column or article that may only get you $10 back, in drips and drabs?

And who is going to fact-check you?

Everyone just uses the same sources, anyway. "I read in the NY Times that McCain slighted Obama," and then write two sentences saying that Obama ROCKS!

We don't have enough of that already?

If you need me, I'll be on Yelp!

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It's not rocket science

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You can make money off blog networks. Ask me how -).

Note that I did not say "a lot of money," although it is possible. But it's like anything else: Making serious money takes serious work.

I would hope anybody who does sign up for this Examiner thing realizes they're doing it more because they really like writing about whatever it is they write about, not because it will pay them a lot.

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