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At WRKO, it bears repeating

Boston Radio Blog reports that WRKO has now played the same exact Jerry Doyle show seven times over the past two weeks.

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what has happened at least 10 times recently is that they go to their ABC news feed, and then nothing happens. I was listening several times over the past few weeks, and the show (pundit review, jerry doyle, michael savage, whatever...) just doesn't come back on air.

at all.

dead air.

i've mailed the station, i've called the station. i've reported this. they say they have no idea what i'm talking about.

i've made sure it isn't my radio by going out to the car and turning it on and tuning in the station -- dead air out there too.

WRKO is run by a bunch of ninnies.

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Radio people are too stupid to do anything else for a living.

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They've reportedly whacked Steve LeVeilly, Tom Cuddy, Lovell Dyett and others.

Discussion at Radio-Info and SaveWRKO.

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