Cops arrest Sox fan for getting really pissed off last night

Boston Police report arresting a New Hampshire man at last night's Sox game after other fans saw him urinating from the upper deck onto the street below:

When officers observed the fan, the fan was violently struggling and flailing his arms. Officers observed the suspect almost strike several female fans. When officers informed the suspect that he needed to leave the park, the suspect swung his elbow and struck one of the officers. As officers were attempting to escort the fan from the park, the fan broke free and began yelling, "I'm not leaving!!! I’m not leaving!!!"

Boston Police, however, are trained in the art of making somebody leave and so they managed to escort Jared Giarrusso, 23, out of the park - in handcuffs - and then charged him with being disorderly, assault and battery on a police officer and open and gross lewdness.

Innocent, etc.



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Add a basketball fan from Quebec ...

and you can have a stupidity trifecta! A veritable cavalcade of odious drunk behavior!

(at least the fenway pisspot can aim! what an inspiration for my young boys! Hey, if that drunk can hit the street from the uppah deck, then they can hit the bowl from a foot away!)

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Fueling anti-Soxism

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Postgamge Spread worries the incident will only fuel hatred of Sox fans westa Worcester:

... This one doesn't stink of Massholity like other posts you'll find on this tag. In fact, the suspect is from New Hampshire, making him more of a Hamphole. But in this day and age, when all you have to do to piss off a sports fan is mention Boston, we don't need a shonda for the goyim making things worse. ...

OK, OK, go here and do a search on "shonda."

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No, because ...

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She's a Shonda for the Curtsim ...

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