Villainy at Menotomy: Patriots die at hands of regulars

Furore as Redcoat stabs, beats Jason Russell to death in front of his own home this very afternoon.

Reports reach us that chastened regulars beating a slow retreat from their whupping at North Bridge in Concord this morning set upon the citizens of Menotomy, attempting to ransack and burn down houses in the village as brave patriots assembled at Jason Russell's house to try to stop them.

Attacked from two sides, the Patriots fell victim to His Majesty's Loathsome Musketballs and Swords:

Such was the infamy of the day's events that one can only imagine that, two centuries hence, people will still remember what happened this day:

Pray tell, what manner of nonsense is this?



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While the redcoats were committing atrocities ...

Groups of minutemen from Danvers and Woburn were close by. They saw the smoke rising and ran the rest of the way to Menotomy, heading off the British near where Rt. 60 hits Mass Ave.

Had the British not stopped to drag people from houses and murder people and burn things, they would have had a much easier march back to their ships.

I didn't know they had moved this whole reinactment and parade back to Sunday.

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If they hadn't headed them off, they would have just gotten stuck around Harvard Square. Traffic there sucks at that time of the day.


Wow, even back then you had guys running off to Monogamy in this state...

Wasn't sure which one to go with, so I'll throw them both out there.

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Murder most foule

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Even at this very moment I am composing a swift dispatch to the world at large detailing mine own feelings on these atrocities commit'd in a land which we are told is the King's own.

My task would be completed with greater ease if it were not for this arbitrary and needless prohibition on messages compos'd of over one hundred and forty letters.

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